General Instructions

To download and start installation, click on the installation filename marked as a hyperlink below.

What's New in Release 5:
   1. Version 5 firmware detection for enhanced gain steps X2000, X5000, and X10000 - Call us about how to get these feature upgrades!
   2. New SDK64 software development kit for x64 specific application development.
   3. New SDK client examples for custom USBPxxS1 control from VisualBasic.Net, VisualC++, LabView, and Matlab.
What's New in Release 5.1:
   1. NEW SDK client example for C#.

Installing software and documentation Requirements:

   1. Installation of software requires administrator rights.
   2. Installation requires less than 100MB of disk space
   3. Download the appropriate msi or exe installer to a convenient directory for a delayed install or start immediate install.
   4. All Software is not pre-authorized by Microsoft. Ignore the warnings about potentially hazardous software and continue with the install.
   5. Follow the installation instructions on the setup screen.
   6. The installation is a two step process. The win32 features will be installed and then the install process will detect an x64 OS automatically.
       If an x64 OS is detected a second install process will start for the SDK64 features after clicking the finish button on the win32 install wizard.
   7. Contact us by phone for immediate help. Use e-mail or the Request Form for support within the next business day.
       Our goal is to get you up and running. We realize time is precious.

SystemView USBPxx Release 5 for the USBPGF-S1, USBPBP-S1, USBPHP-S1, and USBPIA-S1
All versions of the 32 or 64-bit Windows OS supported
Click hyperlink to start download SystemViewUSBPxxR5.2.1.Setup.msi
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