Data Acquisition Band Pass Filter

Alligator Technologies is a technology company dedicated to providing services that meet all your data acquisition filter needs. We offer a wide range of filters and our products are found all over the world.

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We manufacture high-quality and intelligent sensor signal conditioning electronic instruments. These are primarily used in data acquisition applications, which have a wide range of applications to maximize the performance of the signal digitizer.

Our data acquisition filter options include:

  • Data acquisition low pass filter
  • Data acquisition band pass filter
  • Data acquisition high pass filter
  • Data acquisition anti-alias filter

Our filter options allow you to maximize the performance of your signal digitizers in a variety of ways to suit the needs of whatever project you are working on.

Our products are valuable for people working in a variety of fields, including:

  • Vibration measurement
  • Strain or load cell measurement
  • Audio enhancement
  • Small signal isolation and amplification
  • Anti-aliasing generic signals

Whatever your project is, our products have configurable software and can integrate into the work that you are currently doing.

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Our products have been used throughout the world by the most prominent manufacturing companies, commercial and military aircraft manufacturers, and nearly every research-oriented university.

We understand the technology and explain our products in a way that anyone can understand because we want everyone to take advantage of what we have to offer. We know what our products can do and can help you utilize them to improve your business.

Contact Alligator Technologies today to discover what we can do together. Call us at 949.515.1400 or use our online request form.

USBPBP-S1 adjustable variable active band pass filter

USB Programmable
Instrumentation Amplifier
and Band Pass Filter

Data Acquisition Filter Products

USB programmable
Variable Gain Instrumentation Amplifiers
Frequency Band Controllable
Low Pass Filters
Band Pass Filters
High Pass Filters

USBPGF-S1 adjustable variable active anti-alias low pass filter

USB Programmable
Instrumentation Amplifier
and Low Pass Filter

USBDR-8 can be populated with any combination of programmable variable software control low pass filter band pass filter high pass filter or variable gain instrumentation amplifier

Power Enhancement Mounting Rack
For Multi-channel Systems

USBPIA-S1 programmable adjustable variable gain instruementation amplifier

USB Programmable
Instrumentation Amplifier

USBPHP-S1 programmable adjustable variable high pass filter

USB Programmable
Instrumentation Amplifier
and High Pass Filter

Enhance Sensor Signals
Make Them Perfect for
Data Acquisition
Remove Unwanted Frequencies
Remove Unwanted Offset

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