USBPBP-S1 adjustable variable active band pass filter

USB Programmable
Instrumentation Amplifier
and Band Pass Filter

Data Acquisition Filter Products

USB programmable
Variable Gain Instrumentation Amplifiers
Frequency Band Controllable
Low Pass Filters
Band Pass Filters
High Pass Filters

USBPGF-S1 adjustable variable active anti-alias low pass filter

USB Programmable
Instrumentation Amplifier
and Low Pass Filter

USBDR-8 can be populated with any combination of programmable variable software control low pass filter band pass filter high pass filter or variable gain instrumentation amplifier

Power Enhancement Mounting Rack
For Multi-channel Systems

USBPIA-S1 programmable adjustable variable gain instruementation amplifier

USB Programmable
Instrumentation Amplifier

USBPHP-S1 programmable adjustable variable high pass filter

USB Programmable
Instrumentation Amplifier
and High Pass Filter

Enhance Sensor Signals
Make Them Perfect for
Data Acquisition
Remove Unwanted Frequencies
Remove Unwanted Offset

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