Multi-channel mounting rack for programmable low pass filters, programmable high pass filters, programmable band pass filters, programmable gain instrumentation amplifiers.

CE certified low pass filter, high pass filter, band pass filter

  • Power worldwide with universal AC adapter
  • DC power from 12V to 50V source
  • Install from 1 up to 8 channels per USBDR-8
  • Daisy chain USBDR-8 to control up to 24 channels using just one USB port
  • USB 2.0 compatible communication
  • Synchronize all USBPxx-S1 operation in tracking or dynamic control applications
  • Operate on table top, wall mount, rack mount or DIN rail mount
  • Optional DIN rail connection kit for mounting the USBDR-8 to DIN rail
  • Optional 19 inch aluminum rack mount plate available

Control multiple USBPxx-S1 devices with one USB link to the host system

Up to eight (8) USBPxx-S1 programmable instrumentation amplifiers and filter modules can be plugged into a USBDR-8. Up to 24 USBPxx-S1 modules can be controlled on a single USB link to the host PC. Each USBDR-8 has an up-link USB port and a down-link USB port. Up to 3 fully or partially populated USBDR-8 can be daisy chained by connecting the first USBDR-8 up-link port to the host and then the down-link port to the next USBDR-8 up-link port in the chain. The SystemViewUSB Windows software will detect and display an individual control dialog for each USBPxx-S1 module when the USB chain becomes active. Once the USBPxx-S1 modules have been configured, the USB links can be disconnected. The USBPxx-S1 modules can operate independently and will remember their settings through power cycles. In environments requiring turn-key system operation, this eliminates the need to provide any USB connections to USBDR-8. Power is the only required connection to USBDR-8 for turn-key system operation.

Power anywhere in the world

The universal AC adapter will convert a 100V to 250V, 50Hz or 60Hz power source to DC power the USBDR-8 where AC power is available. Where AC power is not available, the USBDR-8 can be powered from a DC source as small as 12V up to 50V. This makes the USBDR-8 ideal for powering the USBPxx-S1modules from a land or water vehicle, multi cell battery source ,or solar cell array. A minimum of 1.5A at 24V is required to operate a fully populated USBDR-8.

How to Order

The USBDR-8 comes complete with everything you need to connect, power, program and quickly integrate the mounted USBPxx-S1 units into the data collection system. Please fill out the Request Prices form and we will eMail our price list and complete information about the items that are included and the best way to submit a purchase request. Below is a table of part numbers and configuration options.

Mounting Options

Mounting holes are located at both ends of the USBDR-8 enclosure and can be used to secure the USBDR-8 to a table top, a wall, or an aluminum equipment rack panel. Optional DIN rail mounting brackets are available to secure the USBDR-8 to a variety of DIN rail types.
DIN rail mount low pass filter band pass filter high pass filter variable gain instrumentation amplifier A full 19 inch rack aluminum industrial rack bracket is available for mounting on standard equipment racks. Rack mount low pass filter band pass filter high pass filter variable gain instrumentation amplifier
Mounting Options
DIN rail mounting kit USBDR-8/DRM
Industrial rack mounting kit USBDR-8/RMK
Connectors Kits
Screw terminal adapter kit(two clock synchronization, one power) USBDR-8/STA
Power Adapters
Universal AC to 24V DC 2A P24V2A
Power Cable North America MMC-NA
Power Cable Europe MMC-EU
Power Cable Australia MMC-AU
Power Cable United Kingdom MMC-UK
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