Software for control of USB programmable band pass filter with software controlled 8-pole Butterworth, Bessel, Linear Phase, or Cauer-Elliptic low pass filter, and 4-pole Butterworth or Bessel high pass filter, with variable gain instrumentation amplifier.  With GUI, SDK and API.

  • All Versions of Microsoft Windows Supported, both 32-bit and 64-bit compatible
  • Easy to use, intuitive, dialog based graphical user interface for non-programmers
  • Guide to Operations connected directly to the Help button for convenient reference
  • Each unit connected to the USB bus is instantly recognized
  • A unique dialog control window will pop up when a new device is connected
  • Each device can be uniquely labeled with a channel number and description
  • Save Parameters control button will make the configuration non-volatile
  • Settings will be remembered between power cycles
  • SDK provides detailed Application Program Interface documentation and examples
  • SDK64 provides support for x64 specific applications
  • Industry standard ActiveX COM control can be "dropped" into any high level language
  • Compatible with C++, C#, Visual Basic, Embarcadero, many more
  • Tutorial for integration with National Instrument's LabView and MathWork's MATLAB

Control Every USBPxx-S1 Device Simultaneously

The SystemViewUSBPxx software and documentation is included with the purchase of the USBPGF-S1, USBPBP-S1, USBPHP-S1 and the USBPIA-S1. The software will recognize the USBPxx-S1 configuration of each individual unit on the USB communication link. A system can be configured with multiple identical devices or with a mixed variety of devices simultaneously connected and operational parameters can be programmed to each individual unit or all the units at once.





ActiveX COM control compliant SDK with full featured API





The Product Operation Manual is Integrated with the Software Install

The USBPxx-S1 “Guide to Operations”, the user’s manual, is included in the standard software package installation. It is made available from start programs list or through the Help control button displayed when the SystemViewUSBPxx software is running.

The Top Layer GUI for Non-programming Professionals

The SystemViewUSBPxx software is provided in two layers. The bottom layer is composed of the USB communication along with the USBPxx-S1 device specific communication interface and the top layer is composed of a Windows based dialog with editable fields, drop down option lists, and button controls. No software programming knowledge is required to view or change the parameters in each USBPxx-S1 connected to the host system. Just power up the USPBxx-S1 device and connect the USB communication cable. The SystemViewUSBPxx software will recognize the device and pop up a dialog containing the current configuration of the connected device. Each USBPxx-S1 has its own memory and once configured, no additional communication through the USB bus is required. The UBSPxx-S1 will remember the current configuration through power cycles.


Bottom Layer Provides Easy Custom Application Interface

If the operation of the USBPxx-S1 device is to be integrated into a larger sampling system control program, the top GUI layer can be abandoned and custom code can be created in any high level language to provide commands directly to each connected unit through the low level ActiveX COM control. Detailed low level Application Program Interface documentation is provided covering the subjects of interface initialization, all of the commands and their parameter details, error processing, and host machine portability. Programming examples are provided in a compiler ready C++ Visual Studio project providing an example of the use of all commands at the source code level. Although we have not tested the ActiveX control in each possible high level language environment, it was written using Windows OS standards for ActiveX control implementation and does not deviate in any way from these standards.





Software Layers

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