Multi-channel mounting rack for programmable low pass filters, programmable high pass filters, programmable band pass filters, programmable gain instrumentation amplifiers.

CE certified low pass filter, high pass filter, band pass filter

  • Power anywhere AC is not available
  • DC power from 9V to 30V source
  • Easy install - just plug it in
  • Perfect for use with lead acid batteries

The USBPxx-S1/DCR is perfect for use with any automotive, truck, marine, aviation, or solar DC power source.

The USBPxx-S1/DCR plugs directly into the USBPxx-S1 programmable instrumentation amplifiers and filter modules.

Power anywhere in the world

The DC power regulator will convert any unregulated DC voltage source from 9V to 30V. The USBPxx-S1/DCR is ideal for powering the USBPxx-S1 modules where AC power is not available. This can be in remote locations, in motoized vehicles using a multi-cell battery source or solar cell array.

How to Order

The USBPxx-S1/DCR comes complete with everything you need to connect, power, and quickly integrate the USBPxx-S1 units into the data collection system. Please fill out the Request Prices form and we will eMail our price list and complete information about the items that are included and the best way to submit a purchase request. Below is a table of part numbers and configuration options.


DIN rail mount low pass filter band pass filter high pass filter variable gain instrumentation amplifier

Just plug it into the USBPxx-S1 power port and conect the DC source to the screw terminal plug.

Connectors Kits
Screw terminal adapter kit(two clock synchronization, one power) USBPxx-S1/DCR-STA
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